Attorneys General of Alaska

From 1913 to 1916, the Territory of Alaska was served by Territorial Counsel John H. Cobb. In 1915, the legislature created the Office of the Attorney General, to become effective after the general election in 1916. The following individuals served the Territory and the State of Alaska as Attorney General:

NameDates of Service
George B. Grigsby1916-1919
Jeremiah C. Murphy1919-1920
John Rustgard1920-1933
James S. Truitt1933-1941
Henry Roden1941-1945
Ralph J. Rivers1945-1949
J. Gerald Williams1949-1959
John L. Rader1959-1960
Ralph E. Moody1960-1962
George N. Hayes1962-1964
Warren C. Colver1964-1966
D.A. Burr1966-1967
Edgar Paul Boyko1967-1968
G. Kent Edwards1968-1970
John E. Havelock1970-1973
Norman C. Gorsuch1973-1974
Avrum M. Gross1974-1980
Wilson L. Condon1980-1982
Norman C. Gorsuch1982-1985
Harold M. Brown1985-1986
Grace Berg Schaible1987-1989
Douglas B. Baily1989-1990
Charles E. Cole1991-1994
Bruce M. Botelho1994-2002
Gregg D. Renkes2002-2005
David W. Márquez2005-2006
Talis J. Colberg2006-2009
Daniel S. Sullivan2009-2010
John J. Burns2010-2012
Michael C. Geraghty2012-2014
Craig W. Richards2014-2016
Jahna Lindemuth2016-present