Natural Resources & the Environment

Alaska has abundant natural resources in its land, waters, fish and game, and renewable and non-renewable assets. The Alaska Department of Law helps to ensure that the state's natural resources are managed and allocated by state agencies in a manner that is consistent with the law, and that persons who illegally take or damage our natural resources are prosecuted and, if possible, required to make reparation. Cases involving natural resources and the environment are handled by the Environmental, and Natural Resources sections of the Civil Division, and by the Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals and District Attorney's Offices around the state in the Criminal Division.

The department defends against legal challenges to actions taken by the state's natural resource agencies, and pursues legal actions both civil and criminal against persons who are illegally using, damaging, or destroying Alaska's lands, waters, or renewable natural resources. It helps protect our environment by pursuing persons who illegally release hazardous substances and requiring them to clean up the damage. It protects Alaskans' interests by making sure that the state receives the oil, gas, and mineral royalty and tax revenues to which it is entitled for current and past production, defending against challenges to state oil and gas lease sale programs, and protecting the state's title to resource-rich lands.