November 23, 1955


PRESIDENT EGAN: The Convention will come to order. We have with us this morning the Reverend Jess W. Thompson, pastor of the Fairbanks Evangelical Lutheran Church. Reverend Thompson will give the daily invocation.

REVEREND THOMPSON: Let us join our hearts in prayer. Come let us give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good and His mercy endures forever. Our Heavenly Father, for the night of rest and the beautiful new day which has been given to us, we give Thee thanks; for all the blessings which have been given to us, for life, health, and every good thing. Tomorrow when we as a nation and as a community pause in our duties to worship and give thanks to Thee for the blessings of the year, wilt Thou grant to the heart of all people a spirit of thankfulness. We pray that since Thou art Lord of all, Thou wilt be present here in this assembled Constitutional Convention, and we pray for the awareness of Thy Presence. Wilt Thou grant to these delegates the wisdom of knowing what should be done, the skill of knowing how it should be done and the virtue of doing it. May there be no cobwebs in their brains nor lead in their feet as they continue to carry on in this important work of preparing the constitution which shall govern the State of Alaska. Be with us, be with them. May Thy will be done, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

PRESIDENT EGAN: The Convention .will come to order. The Chief Clerk will call the roll.

(The Chief Clerk called the roll at this time.)

CHIEF CLERK: All present.

PRESIDENT EGAN: A quorum is present. We will proceed with the regular order of business. We will have the reading of the journal of the 14th day.

DOOGAN: Mr. President, on page 4 of the journal, in the first paragraph starting "Mr. Sundborg" line 2, strike the word "that". On page 5 where the name "Mr. Hilcher" appears in two places, it should be. "Mr. Hilscher". With those corrections I move and ask unanimous consent that the journal be adopted.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Doogan moves and asks unanimous consent that the journal of the 14th day with the recommended corrections of the committee that has read the journal be accepted by the Convention. Is there objection? Hearing no objection it is so ordered and the journal will become approved. Are there any petitions, memorials, or communications from outside the

of select committees? Are there any proposals to be introduced?


PRESIDENT EGAN: The proposal is referred to the Committee on Resources, Committee No. X.

SECRETARY: No further proposals, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Are there any motions or resolutions? Is there any unfinished business? Is there any new business or general orders of the day? If not, the Chair would entertain a motion for recess. Mr. Ralph Rivers?

R. RIVERS: Mr. President, I would move that we recess until 1:30 this afternoon.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Ralph Rivers moves and asks unanimous consent that the Convention stand at recess until 1:30 p.m. Is there objection? Hearing no objection the Convention is at recess until 1:30 p.m.


PRESIDENT EGAN: The Convention will come to order. Do we have anything before us at this time, Mr. Secretary?

SECRETARY: Mr. President, a communication from outside the Convention from Ernest Patty, President of the University of Alaska. Do you wish me to read it?

PRESIDENT EGAN: You may read it.

(The Secretary read the communication advising the Convention of the special convocation to be held November 29, at 2 o'clock p.m., to hear speeches by Senator Knowland and former Governor Gruening. At the end of the ceremony, honorary degrees will be presented to these two outstanding men. A special invitation was extended for the delegates to attend in a body.)

PRESIDENT EGAN: What is the wish of the Convention relative to this subject? Mr. Johnson?

JOHNSON: Mr. President, I move and ask unanimous consent that we accept the invitation of the President and arrange to recess the Convention during the convocation and attend in a body.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Johnson moves and asks unanimous consent that we accept the invitation extended by the President of the University and the Convention arrange to adjourn during the convocation and attend in a body. Is there objection? Hearing no objection it is so ordered. Is there other business to come before the Convention? If there is no objection the Convention will be at ease for a few moments. The Secretary has a request for information from the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. If there is no objection the Secretary may proceed and the Convention is at ease. The Convention will come to order. Mr. Sundborg?

SUNDBORG: Mr. President, I would like to inquire whether we have had any answer from Senator Knowland to our invitation which we extended to him to address the Convention during his visit to Fairbanks or College.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Sundborg, no such answer has been received, but the Chair does not believe that the communication went out as quickly as that. Is that right, Mr. Secretary?

SECRETARY: About a week ago. I don't remember exactly.

SUNDBORG: It occurs to me that if we attend in a body the convocation and hear Senator Knowland give what will certainly be a major address, perhaps that will suffice and we should not put him to the additional trouble of trying to devise a particular speech for the Convention.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Of course that will probably be contained in whatever answer we receive from Senator Knowland. Is there further business to come before the Convention at this time? If not, the Chair will entertain a motion for adjournment. Mr. Buckalew?

BUCKALEW: I move that we adjourn until 9 o'clock Friday morning.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Buckalew moves and asks unanimous consent that the Convention stand adjourned until 9 a.m. Friday. Is there objection? Objection is heard. Mr. Metcalf?.

METCALF: I object. I am a little confused on these minutes here.

PRESIDENT EGAN: The journal, Mr. Metcalf?

METCALF: The 14th Convention day, dated November 21, and then the journal of the 15th day, November 18.

PRESIDENT EGAN: Mr. Metcalf, the Chair might state that the journal of the 15th day has not been approved as yet, so that will probably be caught by the special committee to read the

standing adjourned until 9 a.m. Friday? Mrs. Hermann?

HERMANN: I have no objection, but I want to know if Friday is the same kind of holiday as the Veteran's Day was -- a Territorial holiday?

PRESIDENT EGAN: It is the understanding of the Chair that most business establishments would observe Friday as being the Thanksgiving Day in certain areas, but Thursday is the official day for Thanksgiving. Is there objection to the adjournment?

TAYLOR: Does that mean we are going to work on Thanksgiving, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT EGAN: Not officially as it relates to the Convention. Mr. Walsh?

WALSH: Is Friday a Territorial holiday? I might ask that question.

PRESIDENT EGAN: The Chair has no reason to believe that Friday is a Territorial holiday. No.

WALSH: What was.your request on Friday, Mrs. Hermann?

HERMANN: The same as yours.

PRESIDENT EGAN: She asked the same question. If there is no objection the Convention will stand adjourned until 9 a.m. Friday. The Convention is adjourned.