Consumer Alert

Beware of Fraudulent Solicitations for Haitian Relief Efforts

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Alaska Attorney General's Office warns consumers to use caution when making contributions to Haitian earthquake relief efforts.  Unfortunately, scammers may claim to be collecting money for the relief effort but be pocketing the funds instead.  Consumers are urged to verify that charities collecting contributions for relief efforts are legitimate before making a donation.

For more information about how to select a charity to contribute to:

To search for information about a specific charity:

  • Charities registered with the Attorney General's Office to solicit contributions in Alaska.  Charities that solicit contributions of money or property in the State of Alaska are required to register.  Please note that the list is not an endorsement of any charity by the Attorney General's Office, and some charities may be exempt from the registration requirement.
  • Charity Navigator
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Guidestar

The Internal Revenue Service also provides a cumulative list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions at the Federal level in Publication 78

Consumer Protection Unit
January 2010