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Press Release

Anchorage Man Accused of Assault and Attempted Murder Gets Jail Time for Violating Conditions of Release on Bail

November 1, 2005

(Anchorage) - Anchorage District Attorney Bob Linton announced today that Nathaniel Vickers** has been sentenced to 225 days of jail time for violating conditions of release while awaiting trial on allegations that Vickers attempted to murder his common law wife, Annette Jamestown.

In July 2004, Vickers was charged with assault in the first degree and attempted murder. Charging documents in that case allege that he doused Jamestown with a flame accelerant - rubbing alcohol - and set her afire in the cab of a truck Vickers was driving.

After felony charges were filed against Vickers he was released on bail with the condition that he have no contact with his wife and that Vickers must remain within 24 hour sight and sound of his court-approved third party custodian. On April 24, 2005, Anchorage Police Detective Steve Lyons recognized Vickers and his wife driving together in the Mountain View area. Vickers was on his way to the airport, under permission, to attend a memorial service in Angoon. He was pulled over by Lyons and, as a result of his violation of the conditions of his release, was charged and ultimately convicted on October 25, 2005 for violating the conditions of his release. Vickers was sentenced to 225 days of jail time for violating the no contact order. Local prosecutors were able to secure this result despite the fact that Vicker's wife recanted and testified as a defense witness in the violation of release case.

"Situations like this are not unusual for prosecutors to face and, in fact, are perfect illustrations of how `cycle of violence' issues create added challenges for prosecutors and, even worse, put victims of violent crimes at continued risk of harm," said Linton. "Victims of violent crimes who have a special relationship with their abusers often try to protect their abusive partners out of fear of retribution, belief that their abuser really loves them, to protect children, out of economic dependency - there is a long list."

The month of October was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. "I felt that it was appropriate as District Attorney to discuss this matter because it highlights for me, not only the challenges and successes my prosecutors face in dealing with these matters, but also to make people aware that these issues need to be addressed - not only in our courts, but by fostering awareness in the public and working with dedicated professionals and volunteers in local advocacy groups to intervene and help us break this ugly cycle."

In addition to charging Vickers for this violation, his third party custodian, Amber Jamestown *** (Vicker's niece) was charged with a misdemeanor for failing to comply with her obligations as a third-party custodian. Amber is scheduled to go to trial on this alleged violation in the next couple of weeks.

** Nathaniel Vickers has been charged with attempted murder and assault in the first degree in State of Alaska v. Nathaniel Vickers, 3AN-S04-5626 CR. His trial is pending. The charges in this case are merely an accusation. Defendant Nathaniel Vickers is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

***Amber Jamestown has been charged with violation of a custodian's duties, a class A misdemeanor, in State of Alaska v. Amber Jamestown, 3AN-S05-3967 CR. Her trial is pending. The charges in this case are merely an accusation. Defendant Amber Jamestown is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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