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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Quyaakamsi tagilghiisi
(St. Lawrence Island Yupik)
"Thank you all for coming."
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Press Release

Child Molester Sentenced for Molesting Adult Daughter

September 19, 2014

Today, Judge Michael Spaan sentenced 47-year-old Adam Kasgnoc to 38 years in prison for sexually assaulting his 20-year-old daughter in August 2012. A jury found Kasgnoc guilty of sexual assault in the second degree and incest at trial in February 2014.

In August 2012, the daughter asked Kasgnoc for permission to sleep in his home when she was drunk. Kasgnoc allowed her to sleep on his bed, then removed her clothes and sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. At trial, Kasgnoc testified that the victim initiated the sexual contact.

Judge Spaan remarked that Kasgnoc showed “no acceptance of responsibility” for his “terrible, terrible, terrible” crime. Judge Spaan said that Kasgnoc presented “a clear and present danger” who needed to be isolated to protect society.

As required by law, the judge also placed Kasgnoc on probation for 10 years. Kasgnoc is not eligible for early release on mandatory parole.

CONTACT: Deputy District Attorney Jonas Walker @ (907) 269-6300 at the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office.

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