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Press Release

Judge Imposes Maximum Sentence in Case of Domestic Violence Strangulation

January 8, 2015

(ANCHORAGE Alaska) – On January 14, 2014, Judge Michael Spaan sentenced 43 year old Robert Nicklie to a maximum sentence of five years for an assault he committed on his girlfriend in January 2013 in Anchorage. Judge Spaan sentenced Nicklie following a trial in September 2014 where an Anchorage jury found Nicklie guilty of two counts of assault.

Nicklie assaulted his girlfriend after she tried to go to sleep in a room they shared. Nicklie kicked her, beat her with his fists, and strangled her with his hands. Judge Spaan found the assault to be a "horrible crime." He found Nicklie to be a "worst offender" based on the assault and Nicklie's criminal history. Nicklie has 33 prior convictions, including four felony convictions. Nicklie's convictions include 11 prior assault convictions.

Judge Spaan explained that Nicklie had no hope for rehabilitation based on his record and substance abuse addiction. He found that the maximum period of incarceration was necessary to isolate the defendant and protect the public. Judge Spaan explained that he hoped that this sentence would serve as a general deterrence to those who would commit domestic violence crimes.

CONTACT:  Assistant District Attorney Gustaf Olson @ (907) 269-6300 or at the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office.

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