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Press Release

Parolee Sentenced to 10 Years for Robbery

May 1, 2015

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – On April 30, 2015, 48 year old Brandon Collins was sentenced by Judge Philip Volland for robbery in the second degree. Collins was found guilty at a jury trial in 2014 and faced a maximum term of 10 years.

The jury found Collins guilty of robbing a tanning salon on Debarr Road in October 2012 just minutes before the salon’s closing time. Collins waited outside the salon for the last customer to leave and stole approximately $50.00 in cash from the employee.

Collins faced a term of six to 10 years for the robbery conviction. At the sentencing hearing, it was shown that the day before the robbery took place Collins had been let out on parole for his 1991 conviction for sexual assault in the first degree. Judge Volland sentenced Collins to the maximum term of 10 years. Judge Volland’s primary goal in imposing the maximum sentence was to isolate Collins from the public.

CONTACT: Assistant District Attorney Daniel Shorey at (907) 269-6369 or

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