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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Quyaakamsi tagilghiisi
(St. Lawrence Island Yupik)
"Thank you all for coming."
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Press Release

Anchorage Woman Sentenced in 2013 Shooting Death of Boyfriend

September 29, 2016

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby sentenced 30 year old Bonnie Degenstein to spend 14 years in prison for causing the death of her 24 year old boyfriend Ryan Tamborino in December 2013. Degenstein pled guilty to manslaughter earlier this year.

On December 6, 2013, Degenstein called 911 to report that she had just shot her boyfriend in the head. She stated in the call that she and Tamborino were drunk and playing with guns. Upon arrival at the residence, police observed that Tamborino had a direct contact wound to his forehead, and he died shortly thereafter.

During sentencing, Degenstein stated that the couple would play with firearms regularly while drinking alcohol, including firing weapons out the door and window of their midtown apartment. Degenstein stated that on the night of Tamborino’s death, she pointed a firearm over his shoulder as if to fire it at a wall, but that Tamborino leaned in to the barrel.

Degenstein told Judge Saxby that she pulled the trigger not realizing the firearm was still loaded. Toxicology reports showed Degenstein’s blood alcohol content at the time of the shooting was approximately three times the legal limit for driving a motor vehicle.

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Saxby noted the dangerous mix of firearms and alcohol not only in this case, but in far too many cases across Alaska each year. In addition to the 14 years Degenstein will spend in prison, Judge Saxby suspended an additional five years of prison and placed Degenstein on probation for a period of five years upon her release from prison. Degenstein was ordered to not possess or consume any alcohol during her probation period once released.

CONTACT: Assistant District Attorney Jason Gist at (907) 269-6300 or

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