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Press Release

Former Anchorage Tutor Sentenced to 23 Years for Sexual Abuse of a Minor and Distribution of Child Pornography

December 11, 2017

On December 11, 2017 Evan Fischer, who had no prior criminal convictions, was sentenced by an Anchorage Judge to serve a sentence of 12 years with 6 years suspended for Sexual Abuse of a Minor and 11 years with 5 years suspended for Distribution of Child Pornography for a composite total sentence of 23 years with 11 years suspended, 10 years probation, and lifetime sex offender registration.

Fischer was apprehended after a pro-active peer-to-peer file sharing investigation by the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Anchorage Police Department. The investigation initially focused on Fischer’s possession and distribution of child pornography on the internet, but detectives subsequently discovered that Fischer, the co-owner of Frontier Tutoring in Anchorage, had also been in a sexual relationship with a student who was a minor.

As a part of his agreement with the State, Fischer admitted to downloading, viewing, and masturbating to images of child sexual exploitation.  Fischer also admitted that he had an online relationship with a woman in Brazil and that they would watch videos of child sexual exploitation together. Further investigators discovered that Fischer was soliciting images of child sexual exploitation from a minor in another State.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas J. Aliberti, stated that Fischer “was the most dangerous and reprehensible type of sexual predator. Mr. Fischer presented himself as one who was interested in bettering the lives of the community’s youth, when in actuality he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a man who used his authority to gain access and control over a minor to satisfy his own sexual interest. An appropriate sentence in this case is one that is severe enough that it not only protects the community from Mr. Fischer but sends a message to all those who would think about using their positions of authority to sexually abuse and sexually exploit minors that this is not tolerated in the State of Alaska.” 

Fischer spoke briefly at sentencing, and stated, “I am ashamed of the choices and decisions that have led me to this place.”

When sentencing Fischer Judge Michael Corey stated, “These offenses are not going to be tolerated by any stretch of the imagination. We do not hurt kids, period.”

CONTACT:  Assistant Attorney General Thomas J. Aliberti at (907) 269-6339 or

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