Controlled Substances Advisory Committee

The Controlled Substances Advisory Committee (CSAC), created under the authority of AS 11.71.100, is an advisory board made up of various subject-matter experts in the field of controlled substances, with expertise in medicine, law enforcement, and citizenry. The CSAC is charged with advising the Governor of the need to add, delete, or reschedule substances under Alaska law, and with evaluating the effectiveness of current programs, budget and appropriations, enforcement policies and procedures, treatment, counseling, and regulations regarding controlled substances and to further make recommendations to the Governor, Alaska Court System and Legislature based upon their findings.

The committee consists of 9 members: the Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee; the Commissioner of Health and Social Services or the Commissioner's designee; the Commissioner of Public Safety or the Commissioner's designee; the President of the Board of Pharmacy or the designee of the President who shall also be a member of the Board of Pharmacy; a peace officer appointed by the Governor after consultation with the Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police; a physician appointed by the Governor; a psychiatrist appointed by the Governor; and two individuals appointed by the Governor.

Members of the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee are appointed by the Governor or the respective state commissioner. See AS 11.71.100. Board members are also identified on State of Alaska Boards and Commissions website.

Current Members

  • Robert Henderson
    Chairperson Department of Law Designee
    Deputy Attorney General, Criminal Division
    1031 W. 4th Ave., Suite 200
    Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  • Sandra Aspen, RN, PH.D
    Public Member
  • Major Dennis Casanovas
    Alaska State Troopers
    Department of Public Safety Designee
  • Leonard Coile
    Public Member
  • Dr. Jay Butler
    Chief Medical Officer and Director, Division of Public Health
    Department of Health and Social Services Designee
  • Deputy Chief Eric Jewkes
    Fairbanks Police Department
    Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police designee
  • Dr. Lawrence Stinson, Jr.
    Physician designee
  • Dr. Alexander Von Hafften, Jr.
    Psychiatrist designee
  • C.J. Kim, R. Ph.
    Board of Pharmacy Designee