Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

The Alaska Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) has been part of the Attorney General's Office since January 1992. The unit is located in Anchorage and has statewide jurisdiction. It has the responsibility for investigating and prosecuting Medicaid fraud and the abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of patients in any facility that accepts Medicaid funds.

Although the vast majority of health care providers are honest and dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to their patients, Medicaid provider fraud costs American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually and threatens the integrity of the Medicaid program. Nationally, it is estimated that fraud, waste and abuse account for about 10 percent of the payments made by Medicaid. If the national trends hold true for the State of Alaska, this percentage equates to millions of Medicaid dollars annually, resulting in a substantial reduction in moneys available to provide necessary medical services to needy Alaskans.

In general, fraud occurs when a provider submits a claim for payment to Medicaid when the provider knows, or should know, they are not entitled to the payment. While health care fraud can take many forms, the most common involves billing for services not performed or billing for more expensive services than those actually provided. Medicaid patients may not suspect fraud, as they are seldom made aware of the procedures or dollar amounts billed to Medicaid. An unscrupulous provider can generate a fraudulent Medicaid payment simply by filing a false claim with an eligible recipient's identification number and a valid procedure code.

Message Hotline to Report Medicaid Fraud 1-907-269-6279

Medicaid Fraud / Elder Abuse Complaint Form - PDF(643K)

Examples Of Fraud Schemes In Health Care:

  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing for higher level of services than actually performed
  • Billing for more services than actually performed
  • Charging higher rates for services to medicaid than others
  • Coding billings to get more reimbursement
  • Providing and billing for unnecessary services
  • Misrepresenting an unallowable service in a Medicaid billing
  • Falsely diagnosing so Medicaid will pay for more services

If you suspect Medicaid health care fraud or patient abuse, do your part to protect the integrity of the Medicaid program and the public resources that fund it! Contact the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Hotline at 1-907-269-6279 and ask to speak to an investigator or simply leave a message. Our fax is 1-907-269-6202. Or call the Crimestoppers Hotline at 1-907-561-7867. You need not give your name and you may be eligible for a reward.

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Charged Cases

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  • State v. Margaret Valerie Williams, Donald Abuboackari Gooding Kallon, Wilson Aboulahi Esapa, Princess Francesca Turay, FLAMINGO EYE, LLC
  • State v. Tina Myers
  • State v. Lea Deguzman Johnson
  • State v. Kevin Yong Koo Song, Hae Suk Song
  • State v. Laurie Marie Gardner

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