Welcome to the Alaska Attorney General's consumer protection web site. The web site offers resources and information to help Alaskan consumers in making wise purchasing decisions and avoid becoming victims of consumer fraud. The site also includes information and forms for businesses and organizations (telemarketers, charitable organizations, paid solicitors, and sellers of business opportunities) that are required to register with the Department before conducting business in the state.

To contact the Consumer Protection Unit, call 269-5200
or toll free from outside Anchorage at 1-888-576-2529.

The Attorney General's Role
in Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General's Office investigates unfair or deceptive business practices and files legal actions on behalf of the State of Alaska to stop such practices. The Consumer Protection Unit also engages in informal mediation of consumer complaints, educates the public about consumer issues, proposes legislation and regulations regarding trade and business practices, enforces antitrust laws, and registers telemarketers, charitable organizations, paid solicitors, and sellers of business opportunities.

If you feel you have been the victim of an unfair or deceptive business practice, we encourage you to file a consumer complaint. We are often able resolve consumer disputes by notifying businesses of complaints and engaging in informal mediation. But the primary goal of the complaint process is to help us identify business practices that may harm Alaskan consumers. Because we cannot investigate every complaint, we focus our investigative and enforcement activity on complaints that reflect a pattern or practice of unfairness or deception substantially affecting the public interest.

Although we informally mediate consumer complaints, we do not provide legal representation to consumers. The Attorney General's Office cannot provide legal advice, representation, or interpretation of statutes or regulations to private citizens or businesses.

Consumer Protection in Alaska brochure
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